What People Are Saying

“We could not be more thankful for the guidance our son received from Jamie. It truly helped him become independent.” - Carol Sauers (parent)

“Jamie’s voice and expertise have been incredibly valuable to the parents of kids with learning and attention issues. He is able to tailor recommendations to a specific child’s needs and explain why and how that particular assistive technology can help. We’re lucky to count him among our experts.” - Matt Lurrie (Expert Coordinator, Understood)

“Jamie's knowledge of the AT field is incredible. He is able to pinpoint and demonstrate the most suitable technologies given the needs of the user.” - Judy Saffan (parent)

“We need a Jamie Martin in every school and household across the country. He is pioneering how to help LD learners utilize assistive technology in creative and life changing ways. His workshops are clear and inspiring, showing us all how AT needs to be part of each LD learner’s experience!” - Peggy Stern (Founder and CCO, Dyslexiaville)

“Jamie was instrumental in jump-starting our work to enable the technology we already had to better serve students with significant challenges in reading and writing and to help them make progress toward their grade-level skills. His wisdom and expertise were invaluable in helping us to utilize these technologies more fully. He is an excellent teacher, patient and knowledgeable.” - Amy Yount (Assistant Head of Upper School, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School)

“Jamie is a thought leader in the field of assistive and educational technologies. He has an excellent handle on identifying appropriate, and life-changing, options for students.” - Ben Powers (Head of School, Eagle Hill-Southport)

“The hands-on AT instruction that Jamie provided the learning center faculty has brought our entire program to a new level. Thanks to his expertise, we are piloting an iPad program this trimester using several of the applications introduced to us. The assistive technology tools have already made significant differences in our students' learning, and even more remarkable is how excited the boys and their tutors are about the program. We would not have been able to get it off the ground without Jamie!” - Kati Frisina (Director of The Rudd Learning Center, Salisbury School)

“By using a variety of applications and devices, Jamie Martin opens up the world of education and schooling to dyslexic children, helping them find comfortable and safe places in their classrooms.” - Noodle Education (from “67 Influential Educators Who Are Changing the Way We Learn in 2015”)

“Jamie’s inservice was perfectly tailored to the needs of my teachers and our school. Many faculty members asked to have him return to continue their work with assistive technology for their classrooms.” - Jessica Eckert (Assistant Head for Academic Affairs, Purnell School)