One of the most comprehensive resources for information about learning and attention issues is Understood.org. The site has a vast collection of articles, multiple blogs, simulation tools, discussion groups, and daily access to leading experts in the fields of learning differences and ADHD. I am honored to be one of Understood’s experts, offering valuable information about assistive technology to parents and educators. I provide various forms of content to the site, including webinars, video chats, articles, and blog posts. Please use the buttons below to view selections of my work.

Tutorial Videos

How to Use Text-to-Speech on a Mobile Device

  • October 2017


New Apps and Chrome Tools for the New School Year

  • August 2017

New Apps for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Other Learning Issues

  • July 2016

Trouble With Essays? How to Use Assistive Tech to Help Kids With Writing Issues

  • May 2016

How Chromebooks Can Help Kids With Dyslexia & Other Learning Issues

  • February 2016

Video Chats

Home Assistant Devices: Can They Help Kids With Learning and Attention Issues?

  • May 2017

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

  • March 2017

Assistive Technology for Math Issues

  • January 2017

Technology Solutions for Writing Issues

  • April 2016

Articles & Blog Posts

"8 Reasons I Think Home Assistant Devices Are the Future of Assistive Technology"

  • September 2017

"Dictation (Speech-to-Text) Technology: What It Is and How It Works"

  • November 2016

"Free Online Assistive Technology Tools to Help With Reading, Writing and Math"

  • September 2016

"Assistive Technology Platforms: What You Need to Know"

  • September 2016

"What My Son With ADHD Taught Me About Minecraft and Executive Functioning"

  • February 2016

"Will Listening to Audiobooks Make It Harder for My Third Grader to Learn to Read?"

  • January 2016