One of the most comprehensive resources for information about learning and attention issues is Understood.org. The site has a vast collection of articles, multiple blogs, simulation tools, discussion groups, and daily access to leading experts in the fields of learning differences and ADHD. I am honored to be one of Understood’s experts, offering valuable information about assistive technology to parents and educators. I provide various forms of content to the site, including webinars, video chats, articles, and blog posts. Please use the buttons below to view selections of my work.


5 Myths About Assistive Technology

  • February 2018

How to Use Text-to-Speech on a Mobile Device

  • October 2017

How to Use Dictation on a Mobile Device

  • March 2018

How to Use Home Assistant Devices as Assistive Technology

  • January 2018


New Apps and Chrome Tools for the New School Year

  • August 2017

New Apps for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Other Learning Issues

  • July 2016

Trouble With Essays? How to Use Assistive Tech to Help Kids With Writing Issues

  • May 2016

How Chromebooks Can Help Kids With Dyslexia & Other Learning Issues

  • February 2016

Video Chats

Home Assistant Devices: Can They Help Kids With Learning and Attention Issues?

  • May 2017

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

  • March 2017

Assistive Technology for Math Issues

  • January 2017

Technology Solutions for Writing Issues

  • April 2016

Articles & Blog Posts

"8 New Apps I Recommend for Kids With Learning and Attention Issues"

  • March 2018

"8 Reasons I Think Home Assistant Devices Are the Future of Assistive Technology"

  • September 2017

"Dictation (Speech-to-Text) Technology: What It Is and How It Works"

  • November 2016

"Free Online Assistive Technology Tools to Help With Reading, Writing and Math"

  • September 2016

"Assistive Technology Platforms: What You Need to Know"

  • September 2016

"What My Son With ADHD Taught Me About Minecraft and Executive Functioning"

  • February 2016

"Will Listening to Audiobooks Make It Harder for My Third Grader to Learn to Read?"

  • January 2016