Looking to become more knowledgeable about assistive technology? There are a variety of ways that I can help you learn how invaluable AT can be to people with dyslexia. Whether it’s working one-to-one with you or your child, or speaking to a group of 100, I want to be in your corner as you gather more tools to help navigate school and the workplace. The following is a list of services that I can provide, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, please let me know. I’m sure that we can find a way to meet your particular needs. I am based in Fairfield County, CT, but I have worked with clients in other locations throughout the United States and Canada, both virtually and in person. Please contact me for details, pricing, and availability.

School Inservice Days

Just like their students, teachers learn best through hands-on learning, especially when it comes to technology. I can run half-day or full-day inservice programs for your faculty on any of the assistive technology listed on this site, including desktop software, Chrome apps and extensions, and iPad apps. Inservices will include discussion of best practices and tips on how to train students to use the AT tools. I can run the sessions in person or virtually using a service such as Skype.

Faculty Professional Development Workshops

A 60-90 minute workshop can serve as an introduction to assistive technology use in your school or focus on the basics of a particular piece of software. Topics may include, but are not limited to: Chromebooks as AT Tools, Best iPad Apps for Dyslexia, and The Writing Process Using AT Software. I can run the workshops in person or virtually using a service such as Skype.


Community Presentations

There are many schools and organizations that are seeking more information about assistive technology and how it can help the dyslexic members of their communities. With my experience as an educator and public speaker, I can provide that information during an engaging presentation. Topics may include, but are not limited to: An Overview of Assistive Technology, How AT Complements Language Remediation, and The iPad as AT/UDL Device. I can give presentations in person or virtually using a service such as Skype.

One-to-One Assistive Technology Training

People of all ages learn to use technology most effectively in one-to-one teaching environments, and this is what I do best. I have worked individually with many dyslexics, assessing their language difficulties and matching appropriate AT tools to their needs. By training you or your child individually, I can ensure that you have a complete understanding of the tools that will help you achieve success. I have found that one-to-one training works best in person, so this service is limited to clients in my local area and to clients that are willing to travel to me.


A great first step to learn more about assistive technology is to have a meaningful conversation with an AT professional. Having worked on both the remediation and accommodation sides of dyslexia, I can give you great advice on when to introduce different types of technology to people of various ages and abilities. I can also guide school programs in AT curriculum development, best practices, and implementation. I can give consultations in person or virtually using a service such as Skype.